Sermons from Old Donation

Proclaiming the gospel and its application for daily living are at the top of the priorities for Christian churches. Preaching the good news is part of every worship service for Old Donation. We want sermons to be relevant for regular folks trying to make sense of their lives. 

On our YouTube Channel you will find a couple years worth of sermons. Most are presented by our clergy staff and supplemented by guest preachers. We hope you will find them to be valuable for your own spiritual understanding and growth. 

Jesus said, "WHAT?"

a sermon by Bob Randall

"Feeling lost? Rest easy"

a sermon by Ashley Urquidi

"Tomorrow never comes..." a tag-team reflection from Bob and ashley

Who's gonna' do the dishes?

A  sermon by Bob Randall

"I am who you say I am" a sermon by Fred Poteet

"Proclaim the good news" a sermon by keith josey