YOUTH at Old Donation

Our Philosophy: 

People often (with all good intentions) say "Youth are the future of the Church." We disagree. At Old Donation Church, youth are PRESENT and ACTIVE members for TODAY. Young people are involved in every aspect of our church life. They read Scriptures in Church, they preach on occasion, they sing and play instruments helping to lead our worship. And they are leaders in service to the community, using their gifts and talents for God's kingdom. 

Our youth have various offerings for Christian Formation. Sunday School, Young Historians Club, and EYC (Episcopal Youth Community) are opportunities to learn about their faith and grow into adulthood. 

While Sunday School is "learning while having fun and enjoying friends in community", EYC is "having fun and enjoying friends in community while learning and growing as well." EYC is first and foremost a good time to be with Christian community. We grow and learn as we play.

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