One of our newer ministries has been the development of a Health Ministry that is more encompassing, including Parish Nursing.

Below you can learn some of what this includes.

Parish Nursing Program Mission…

To promote health, healing, and wholeness in the community of Old Donation Episcopal Church.

Parish nursing is a unique blend of health care and ministry. The addition of a registered nurse to a congregation can help individuals in their quest for health and wholeness and assist the faith community in claiming the fullness of life promised through Christ (John 10:10).

Our Parish Nurse Program is part of the Health Ministry under Pastoral Care at Old Donation Episcopal Church. Parish Nurse volunteers are R.N.’s who have completed a Parish Nurse Ministry certification program. They work as a team with other volunteer parish health professionals to promote whole person health and healing. Parish nurses offer the following services: Health Care Advocate, Health Educator, Health Counselor, Health Referral Agent.

We have two parish nurses: Sandy Colvin and Erin Lind. To leave a message for one of the nurses, please call the parish office (497-0563) during office hours, 9:15am-5:00pm Monday through Thursday, or 9:15am – 3:00pm on Friday.