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Adult Education Program
2017 March Schedule


Meets in the Parish Hall at 9:30 a.m.

Sacramental Living:
What do we believe about the sacraments and what difference does it make? What is the sign? What is the grace? How might our lives be changed?

March 5 Sacraments — God’s handkerchiefs: What is a sacrament? What does the Church believe? Are there 2 or 7 or 32? What is the gift in marriage, unction, ordination, and confirmation? So what?  Fr. Bob and Kipper DeGavre

March 12 Baptism — Sign and Grace: What’s happening in baptism? Is it different for babies versus adults? Pouring versus getting dunked? Does anybody really change? Fr. Fred and Kipper DeGavre

March 19 Eucharist — Foundations for Grace: From where does our belief about the “Last Supper” or “Holy Communion” or “Holy Eucharist” come? What does it mean about what is happening in us and what is the gift we are receiving? How will we respond? Fr. Bob and Kipper DeGavre

March 26 Eucharist — Sign and Grace: What do we believe happens in the gift of bread and wine? Looking at the language of the Eucharist. Does the bread truly change to body and blood? Are we cannibals? Why every Sunday? Fr. Bob and Kipper DeGavre

April 2 Reconciliation — Sign and Grace: What is ‘reconciliation’ and how does it differ from Roman Catholic “Confession”? Do we HAVE to confess to a priest? How does it work and what do we believe is God’s gift (grace) through this sacrament? Mother Ashley and Kipper DeGavre


Meets in the Music Room at 9:30 a.m.

Introduction to the New Testament

This lecture series provides an in-depth look at the New Testament. Video segments presented by Dr. Bart Ehrman, University of North Carolina, are followed by discussion and questions. Led by Mary Poteet

Mar 5: Paul and Crises of his Churches: First Corinthians

Mar 12: Pauline Ethics

Mar 19: Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Mar 26: Paul, Jesus and James



Holy Eucharist at 6:00pm; Supper at 6:30pm; Studies at 7:00pm

“Deep longing for God in a changing world Reading Deuteronomy and finding new life in the old, old story” 

 Father Bob Randall will be our guide for the next four weeks, with some special guest appearances. On March 15, Dr. Stephen Cook, from Virginia Seminary, author of the book this series is based on will be our speaker. On March 22, Rabbi Ellen Jaffe-Gill will engage the material with Fr. Bob in a conversation about how Deuteronomy is incorporated into life today.

 March 8 — Deuteronomy: Are you kidding me? Why Deuteronomy is a perfect study for Lent. A new word for a new time. Deep longing for God and God’s people and the natural order.  Fr. Bob

 March 15 — Deuteronomy: Smashed Tablets and a New Covenant.  How Deuteronomy works to make the Torah relevant for a new time and how that principle continues to help us today.  Led by author, Dr. Stephen Cook.

 March 22 — Deuteronomy: Life Today in a Jewish congregation and how that might be instructive for us. Rabbi Ellen and Fr. Bob have a conversation.

 March 29 — The death of Moses and the Spirituality for the Passion. How will this study change our lives as we enter Holy Week and Easter? Fr. Bob