Christian Formation: 

Education for Adults, Youth & Children

Sunday Mornings:

Sunday school classes for all ages (4yr through adults) from 9:30-10:15am

Tuesday Evenings: 

"EfM": Education for Ministry is a four year study program for adults

Wednesday Evenings: (most weeks except June-July):

Dinner at 6pm, Adult Studies at 6:30pm

Thursday Mornings:

Bible Study led by clergy from 11:00-noon

Monday Evenings (2nd week of the month)

"Thirst" -- pub theology gathering at local restaurant for discussion

Adult Formation

Paul in the Fall (in the Hall) (Adult Forum)

Sundays, 9:30am in the Parish Hall

Join us for our 2019 Fall series on the apostle Paul. Paul's writings constitute the largest part of the New Testament. His writings in Romans and Galatians have been the seed of conversion and of revolution. He is loved by many and detested by others. We will take a deep dive into his context, writings and theology. Tackling salvation and freedom, slavery, women's place in the Church, and community, we hope to develop a much better understanding of the Christian message as taught by Paul.

October 13: Episcopal 101 New to the Episcopal Church?

Sundays, 9:30am in the Music Room

Our periodic class begins October 13 to help people know more about The Episcopal Church. We talk about how we worship, think theologically, and practice our faith. It is particularly helpful if you come from a different Christian tradition. The Rev. Kipper DeGavre is leading this 6 week series. You can join in at any point!

Wednesdays in October and November  "Ethics after Easter" (Oct 16,23,30, Nov 13)  Supper at 6:00pm and adult studies at 6:30pm in Parish Hall

How shall we live our lives... in light of the Resurrection and after our baptisms? Bob Randall and Ashley Urquidi are leading a four-session study and discussion on salvation, sanctification, and the moral life. 

Working with "The New Church's Teaching Series" book by Stephen Holmgren and other works by Bp Curry and others, we will use think about how faithful Christians might live out their lives in a world that seems anything but faithful. We will continue for two Wednesdays in November. 

Youth formation

Youth Sunday School

Sundays, 9:30am in Alfriend House

It’s a wonderful time of preparing our youth as they grow into adulthood and into a deeper relationship with God. They learn, develop relationships, and have some fun as well!

Classes and Mentors:

Making faith our own journey (Grades 6 & 7)

  • Mentors: Heather Floyd, Ngan Lam, and Steve Kamperschroer
  • We are starting with lessons of prayer: Why and when do we pray? Does it 'do anything'? If 'yes' then what does it do? Who wrote and Bible and what do we mean when we say it is "God's Word"?

Growing in God (Grades 8 & 9)

  • Mentors: Tony & Jenn Putzig, Zach & Janet Neumann
  • We are starting with lessons of prayer and the Bible: Why and when do we pray? Does it 'do anything'? If 'yes' then what does it do? Who wrote and Bible and what do we mean when we say it is "God's Word"?

Confirmation and becoming adults (Grades 10 & 11)

  • Mentors: Tom & Carolyn Gerace, Michelle Vasquez
  • Lessons this month focus on Holy Scripture, prayer and being involved in a complicated world.


Children's formation

Children’s Sunday School

Sundays at 9:30am in the Day School classrooms

Our children’s Sunday School program is currently using the rotation model, which means that every Sunday each class meets in the same room, but the teacher is different! Teachers prepare ONE lesson that they teach to each class, and only need to sign up for one cycle, which is typically 3 weeks. Each class also has Shepherds who are there with them every Sunday through the year, to be a constant for the children and to support the teacher. We’re always looking for more volunteers, so please let Summer Johnson know if you’re interested in helping in one of these roles!

Here are our Stupendous Shepherds:

  • PreK-K: Marisa Walpert and Renée Skiles
  • 1st-3rd: Carolyn Weems, Erin Foley
  • 4th-5th: Lisa Teeling, Melyssa Aldrich, Katherine Huffmyer

Cycle 2 (October 13, 20, & 27): Jesus Calls the Disciples

  • Art: Learn the importance of symbols, and create your own that represents YOU! With Karen Ludwig
  • Cooking: Bake a pizza in the shape of a fish—one of the earliest Christian symbols! With April Improta
  • Games: Test your memory and knowledge of the Disciples, along with Disciple Trading Cards! With Justin Erbe